Flogging a dead horse.

I don’t understand what the point of this story was, except to agitate for yet more gun control. The folks working for the drug cartels like to buy high-caliber weapons? Really? I never would have thought. And “Hearst Newspapers survey of 1,600 guns”? Where did this sample come from? Was it a representative sample? Does anyone want to bet on the answers to said questions being, respectively, the ATF and NO, considering certain ATF officials have pushed the 90 percent lie in Congress in the past? Even looking past that, does anyone really think the media would give this an objective, honest look, considering its advocacy for semiautomatic weapon bans in the past?

Curiously enough, as several commenters pointed out, there was nothing about the ATF’s walking some 2,000 guns over the border, one of which was used to kill the ICE agent mentioned in the damn story! Come to think of it, there was nothing in that story about how a certain Supreme Court ruling three years ago basically took gun bans off the table. And don’t you love how they mentioned John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo’s shootings in D.C., conveniently ignoring:

A. the fact that Muhammad and Malvo could have pulled that off with your average bolt-action deer rifle; and,

B. the fact that those shootings took place before the Clinton gun ban expired?

I’ve asked this before elsewhere, but I’ll ask it here, though I know to ask the question is to answer it: Just whose side are these people on?

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