I wonder how they feel about this?

Texas Democrats, that is:

The government has proposed that the (dunes sagebrush lizard, which has all but disappeared from (West Texas), be listed as an endangered species, which could save it from extinction but slow the pace in one of the nation’s most prolific oil patches….

The Texas General Land Office, which (Texas Land Commissioner Jerry) Patterson leads, earned a record $108 million for drilling rights in school fund lands during a quarterly auction last month.

“If we had this hanging over us, do you think people will be writing checks just for the right to drill?” he said. “It will bring exploration and production to a screeching halt.”

I could probably guess how a lot of Texas Democrats feel about endangered species, considering how they adopt a lot of the positions of their more liberal brethren in Washington. But here one is, in their own backyard, and its listing as an endangered species is threatening to — ahem — endanger hundreds of millions of dollars in school funding, threatening to make the situation worse for certain West Texas schools than it’s already going to be with the looming cuts in the state budget. Now, I know there are Texas Democrats on the national level who do take more conservative positions on certain issues — witness former Rep. Ciro Rodriguez going on record as opposing a new assault weapons ban — but I still think it’d be interesting to see what they think of this, considering how they’ve been howling about budget cuts since before the Legislature got back in session last January.


3 Responses to “I wonder how they feel about this?”

  1. peter Says:

    Don”t forget jobs. I just read an article a couple days ago about plans for thousands of wells in Dimmett County and that eventually all that oil will produce about 2 million jobs, I believe. I don’t have any faith in the Democrats in this matter. Anyway, we’ve seen how the Obama administration will do pretty much anything they want anyway. The water problem is another problem tho.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Oh yeaaaah, the Eagle Ford shale has brought a pretty big job boom in South Texas; some folks are saying it’ll be another Spindletop.

  3. Sabra Says:

    How cute, you think the Democrats care about people.

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