Good food and a new friend…

…what more could you ask for, on a sunny Sunday afternoon?

So I told Sabra last week what I had in mind for Father’s Day — New Braunfels, Cooper’s Old-Time Pit Barbecue, and Lone Star Music. Those of you who read Borepatch know that he’s in Austin right now, and so I asked him earlier this week if he’d like to meet us at Cooper’s for some good barbecue. He’d eaten it not long before at this little Central Texas chain called Rudy’s. My lovely bride told him in comments here, “You need to get it from a real BBQ joint, not someplace attached to a gas station.”

I didn’t remind Borepatch of that, but I’m sure that if I had he’d still have been more than amenable to it. 😉 At any rate, he and I talked this morning, confirmed we were still on, and Sabra, the baby and I headed north on IH-35. We pulled in about five minutes after he did, and strangely enough, I parked right beside a Jeep with several subversive bumper stickers on it, among them stickers with the slogan “(Marine Corps logo) When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be Destroyed Overnight,” and “Save Darfur. Send Rifles.” I remarked on that to Sabra, and she said, “That’s probably his Jeep.”

Apparently I missed the Georgia plate.

Anyway, we got out, shook hands and headed in. Over the next 2 1/2 hours, over brisket, smoked sausage and Shiner Bock, we talked about, well, pretty much everything we talk about on our blogs. He’s as cool in person as he is on his blog. Just an example: We were talking about church services and incense, and he said something to the effect that, “It’d be neat if they could get blackpowder to smell like incense. That’d be a real ‘praise the Lord and pass the ammunition’ kind of thing.”

Heh. Indeed it would. And with that, I am starting a new “Bloggers I’ve Met” category. I hope to be adding to it soon. (SpeakerTweaker, Dave, are you listening?)


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6 Responses to “Good food and a new friend…”

  1. James Says:

    I keep meaning to take a weekend off and come down your way, maybe do some shooting or just talk over some barbecue.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    That’d be fantastic! Let me know a few weeks in advance and we’ll do that.

  3. Borepatch Says:

    Boy, this was such a good time! Thank you for sharing Marie with me for a couple hours, and reminding me of that time in my life when my boys were her age.

  4. Jay G. Says:

    There’s a Northeast Bloggershoot in August if you’re looking to do some traveling, you know… 😉

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