His finger on the pulse of country music…

…Keith Urban does not have:

I think that’s one of the reasons country is so big today is because it’s always found a way to evolve with the times whilst not losing its identity.

And I thought Brad Paisley was a fount of cluelessness. I could have sworn one of the biggest complaints about modern country music was that it was — wait for it! — losing its identity. It’s hard not to see, what with people like Sugarland, Colt Ford, Jason Aldean and Taylor Swift doing, well…what they do. Nobody might well say that “U2 should sound like Bill Hailey and the Comets,” but I’d bet that’s because U2 would probably be put in a different subgenre of music entirely. Which makes what Keith Urban said as ludicrously obvious as saying “Nobody would say that Metallica should sound like Bad Company.”

And how…apropos that he would mention Patsy Cline, considering I for one have never been shy about saying how I was not a big fan of Cline, Jim Reeves or Eddy Arnold. I don’t know that saying the countrypolitan subgenre held country music back, but I would hardly say it helped country music move forward. Sure, music has to incorporate new things, but some influences are better than others. On that note, so to speak, I find it quite telling that Urban seems always to mention countrypolitan when he gets off on this tangent but never mentions, say, Roy Nichols and his prominent guitar solos on all those old Merle Haggard songs. (“Here comes that workin’ man!”) Why do you think that is?

(h/t Country California)


2 Responses to “His finger on the pulse of country music…”

  1. AlanDP Says:

    Anyone who says “whilst” is automatically and permanently disqualified from being a country singer.

  2. AeroDillo Says:

    Urban is a country musician in the same respect that Salvador Dali was a realist.

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