What perils would these be?

I don’t know, because O. Ricardo Pimentel, learned journalist that he is, just assumes they’re there:

…there are those ubiquitous signs at all those commercial establishments. You know — telling you that a world of Texas legal hurt will descend on you if you are in “unlicensed possession of a firearm” on the premises.

This tells me that although Texas has relatively lax gun laws that it periodically attempts to make even more lax, it is not clueless about the perils.

Okay. The one place that comes to mind that he’s talking about here, is the grocery store. I remember, for example, when they opened up the new Super Walmart on Highway 69 in Port Arthur, they put that sign up after the store got its permit to sell alcohol. So what, exactly, would the perils be of carrying a firearm without a license in a place that sells alcohol? Come to think of it, all those poor blacks and Mexicans that people like Mr. Pimentel here claim to stand up for can’t afford that permit. For all anyone knows that law could have been implemented specifically to have something else to charge them with. Considering gun control’s racist history, it surely isn’t that much of a stretch.

In all seriousness, though, the “public safety” argument carries no water whatsoever. We all know that so many on the right have justified the War On Some Drugs using the very same argument and we all see where that’s gotten us — little old grannies gunned down in their homes on shitty intel and hardworking fathers railroaded and sent to death row. But hey, drugs ‘r’ bad, hmmkay? Or, as Mr. Pimentel might tell us, “assault rifles ‘r’ bad, hmmkay?” And oddly enough, there is no mention of the Constitution here, or of Heller v. District of Columbia, or the Algiers Point Militia, etc. What other rights would these people throw away for the sake of “public safety”?

And what’ll ole Ricardo be whinging about next, pistols? You know he’ll be, because at least as many cops get killed with those as with semiautomatic rifles.

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2 Responses to “What perils would these be?”

  1. Les Says:

    Those signs say to me that the owner of the business only wants armed criminals in his store. He certainly doesn’t want my business. And he won’t get it.

    • Les Says:

      Whoops, misread it. Thought it was No guns allowed. His premise is stupid, though. It is just an attempt by owners to persuade criminals not to come in armed. Good luck with that.

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