Too much political rhetoric poisonous?

Tell it to your fellow lefties, Wyatt Wright. They wrote just as much of the book on it as did conservatives.


4 Responses to “Too much political rhetoric poisonous?”

  1. peter Says:

    Mr. Wright seems to not know the difference between race and ethnicity. Hispanic is not a race.

  2. Albatross Says:

    Mr. Wright seems to think you deserve respect and justice. So he demands it.

    • mick Says:

      Did you know the guy with the mustache and hat who plays Wayne Wright on TV isn’t actually him? I’d love it if they had to add a disclaimer at the bottom: “Not actually Wayne Wright”. (Looking at your link, there’s a picture of the actual guy there.)

  3. mick Says:

    It’s hard to take the high ground. Party politics gets more attention than the issues. I enjoyed this article on how divisive political parties are. (Warning: it’s long.) I’d like to add my one pet issue to that – updating our voting system to one that doesn’t favor two parties. I’d love to see a preferential voting system used, so that it’s no longer seen as “throwing your vote away” to vote for a third party… but it’ll never happen since neither party has any interest in breaking their hold on us.

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