This makes no sense.

Really, L.A. Times editorial board? This is your explanation for Project Gunwalker?

If Congress wants to stop mass straw purchases and stem the flow of guns to Mexican drug cartels, it ought to begin by confirming a permanent ATF director. The agency has been rudderless for nearly five years, largely because the National Rifle Association has publicly opposed nominees.

I am starting to see this meme more and more, and it makes no sense to me. Why would the ATF having a permanent director put an end to that agency’s rogue operations?Why would an acting director sanction the kinds of hijinks that a full-time director doesn’t? It’s as if the Times thinks any organization with interim leadership goes rogue, and they don’t offer any proof to substantiate such here. They just contend one is connected to the other as if it’s self-evident, and it isn’t. And they make the entire thing about the gun laws and the ATF sending thousands of guns south of the border is just a sidebar. Why, it’s almost if they don’t care that the United States government actively sanctioned the deaths of God knows how many innocent Mexicans — or that the guns the ATF sent south are going to start showing up at crime scenes near you!

Come to think of it, there’s one thing that Gunwalker might well have been good for — showing that cartel violence isn’t limited to the other side of the border. Of course that aspect of it is probably going to be buried, just like the mainstream media wanted to bury Gunwalker until it got to be too big to ignore.


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