Admirable borderline obscenity?

You might refer to this as such…

Led by redneck-punk lead singer Jesse Dupree, Jackyl will never win points for sophistication. Two songs into his band’s set, Dupree began his nightly rant against second lady Tipper Gore, whose work on the Parents Music Resource Committee helped bring about the “parental advisory/explicit lyrics” stickers now affixed to potentially objectionable records — such as Jackyl’s eponymous debut album, released in August.

“They can’t sticker our live show, can they?” he asked, then declared, “I’d like to see Tipper Gore sticker this,” and mooned the crowd. This was a full moon, too, as the house lights suddenly went out, leaving his bare butt in a single white spotlight for a good 10 seconds. He took time for some scratchin’ before finally pulling his trousers back up.

Now, I’d never put Jackyl on the same level as, say, Iron Maiden, but I still find something like that not totally reprehensible when taken into context. No, Jackyl’s music wasn’t, shall we say, high art as something like “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” might be. And Dupree’s protest wasn’t as brilliantly subtle as Iron Maiden’s swipe at the PMRC, but so what? Like Cross Canadian Ragweed frontman Cody Canada said on the band’s 2-cd live set Back to Tulsa: Live & Loud at Cain’s Ballroom, “Sometimes you have to call an asshole out.” (This was preceded by Canada saying, “I tell you what, my friend back there throwin’ beer, you throw one more beer at (guitar player) Grady Cross, Imma kick your fuckin’ ass.”)

So yeah, subtle or not, I for one will take ignorant busybodies like Tipper Gore getting called out any way I can get them!



10 Responses to “Admirable borderline obscenity?”

  1. BL Says:

    When I used to help fill in for my friend on sunday mornings at KLB-(I bet you can guess the last letter of these 4 letters…), I ALWAYS played the lumberjack song, sometimes a couple times, because I only got one pick an hour and they hated it. I wasn’t allowed to bring in CDs or vinyl/carts from home, only the station’s collection was allowed on air, and one day the CD disappeared. True stories of the radio police!

  2. BL Says:


  3. BL Says:

    BTW, when a singer of The Finest Country Band in Texas, and I got acquainted he said/asked: ‘How are you in a fight? I mean, we have a pact that goes somethin’ like “If any of the boys get in a dustup, all of the boys join in.” So, you know, maybe if somebody doesn’t take too kindly to my estimation of Toby Keith’s manhood and exaggerated stage act masculinity and decides to whip on a motherfucker, and you see it, you might jump in there, too. Just sayin.’

    Part of the entertainment trade is kicking people in the head when you have to…

  4. BL Says:

    While I’m posting youtubes on your page, don’t forget the other form of ROCK AND ROLL! Hell yeah, I like Texas.

  5. Albatross Says:

    I like Jackyl. As you say, they are far from sophistication, but they’ve got a good sound and they’re fun to listen to.

    And who doesn’t love a good chainsaw solo?

    • BL Says:

      Imagine if I’d thought of it earlier in the past few days and we worked out a GE Minigun Solo for my new blues tune! That would be both kinds of rock all at once!

  6. Albatross Says:

    I hope it sounds like this!

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Oh, HELL yeah. And I always dug the chainsaw solo, too…as well as Jesse James Dupree’s wail! Not quite a James Hetfield, but it worked really well for what they did. Heh.

      • BL Says:

        BUT, imagine a Minigun with the variable speed switch so you could change the pitch and meter!

      • southtexaspistolero Says:

        Variable speed switch? Cool. I never knew they made such a thing!

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