Sounds like Aaron Watson has a good head on his shoulders…

…if this blog post is any indication. I haven’t heard as much of his music as I have a lot of others, but what I have heard is good, solid Texas honky-tonk country. To be honest I never thought about the drinking habits of any singer having any kind of effect either way on the music. Even when George Jones was on his decade-long bender during the ’70s he made some great music, and so did Merle Haggard, for that matter. And I respect Watson tremendously for not casting judgment on those who do drink. But if his teetotaling ways keep him from writing songs like “Hell Yeah, I Like Beer” or “All Said And Done,” then let me be the first to volunteer to keep his fridge stocked with all the Dublin-bottled Dr Pepper he can drink!



7 Responses to “Sounds like Aaron Watson has a good head on his shoulders…”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    If his teetotaling ways keep him from sounding a thing like Kevin Fowler, I’ll buy the dude a truckload of Dr. Pepper.

    • BL Says:

      What if he sounded like Kevin Fowler in Thunderfoot or Dangerous Toys. Sorry, I’m awake I thought to point this out:

      Horrible, right? I know, I played Jackyl on the radio so take that as you will, they and Dangerous Toys were GOOD.

  2. BL Says:

    I’ve seen it help and hurt, both me and in others. Sometimes things can go very wrong. I’ve seen some people you love where they were beyond embarrassments to themselves and the same people just as drunk on a different day and they KICKED ASS.

    FWIW, little known true fact, pretty much EVERYBODY on the “Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain” session was *tripping*, not drinking much, though some were doing both, and it came out pretty good as far as Willie songs, didn’t it?

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Somehow that doesn’t surprise me, BL. And yeah, that’s always been one of my absolute favorite Willie Nelson songs. That last sentence in that post was meant largely in jest. I am certain just as many crappy songs have been written & recorded drunk or high as have been recorded sober. 😉

  4. peter Says:

    Drugs certainly didn’t hurt the Beatles. I think it depends on the drug of choice and the way the person functions. Some people can handle it better than others.

    • BL Says:

      Drugs hurt the rolling stones though and I can prove it with a forgotten song that I bet THEY wish people would forget in youtube form. See if you can even listen all the way through!

      Every time I hear a person in my house say the stones ALWAYS DID COOL ROCK and NEVER DID A BAD SONG I drag out my original vinyl of this (With the hologram cover even) and make them try to listen to it all because I’m a bastard that way 😉

      Seriously out of tune and out of time with really horrid coral electric sitar. See if you can listen all the way through to even get to “gomper”…

  5. BL Says:

    Not exactly on par with anything from Not Fade Away to Satisfaction to Brown Sugar to Start Me Up, are they?

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