Nifty little comparison here…

…of two things that have been discussed here as of late:

…overlooking a procedural step informing this monster (Humberto Leal — ed.) of his entitlements under international treaty was overlooked.  But he still did it. This big, brave piece of cowardly offal raped and killed a little girl. And 15 years later, the rabid animal is about to be put down—except Obama worries the Mexican government will get mad at us if we do.

How telling that he does not place his emphasis or concern on an operation conducted under the authority of his administration that has resulted in estimates that up to 150 Mexican nationals may have been killed—people who were never given due process and their day on court, that is, people who were legally innocent.  And how many more Mexican and U.S. citizens have suffered on our side of the border remains to be seen.

Interesting. I never would have thought to compare those two. It doesn’t surprise me, though, considering the fact that the knowledge of Gunwalker probably went all the way to the top and advocating Leal’s execution be stopped gives the administration the appearance of actually giving a damn about Mexicans. It’ll be interesting to see if certain Mexican officials’ demand that the people involved in Gunwalker be extradited to face trial in Mexico makes mainstream American media. I’d bet that it never does, but then I never thought Gunwalker would be covered by the mainstream media either. Granted, it was late in the game, and it is being spun in favor of the gun controllers — but there’s really no way this can be spun without making the media look insensitive to the Mexicans who ended up dead because of the government’s machinations vis-a-vis Gunwalker.

Which, now that I think of it, is all the more reason to bury it.



3 Responses to “Nifty little comparison here…”

  1. BL Says:

    A good article about training proper child safety, *especially* for girls.

    Bet you agree, just landed in my inbox…

  2. Too Old To Work Says:

    I think it would be good for certain Obama administration officials to be tried in Mexico and face the Mexican justice system. Then maybe they’d revise their opinions of how flawed the US justice system is.

    I wonder if the spin by the anti gunners is taking hold? It doesn’t seem that way, but who knows? They certainly are doing all they can to divert attention from the alleged misdeeds at ATF and the DOJ.

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    I carried a folding or fixed blade knife throughout my youth and learned about “concealed is concealed” before I could drive.

    I am starting to identify with that whole “concealed is concealed thing more and more…

    I have yet to see the Houston Chronicle jump on the “weak gun laws” train,TOTWTYTR, and they’re pretty reliable about that. So it may not be taking hold to the extent we’re all afraid of. But it’s not over yet.

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