Why one but not the other?

It’s nice to see O. Ricardo Pimentel acknowledge that drug prohibition hasn’t worked. But it’s worth asking why he seemingly thinks “assault rifle” prohibition would work. I know very well that America isn’t about need, but I still think it deserves to be pointed out that the type of gun Mr. Pimentel would prohibit American citizens from owning is a lot more useful than a bag of weed. (Do you think the Korean shopkeepers whose establishments were being looted during the L.A. riots would have pacified their attackers by throwing bags of weed at them?) Don’t need an assault rifle? Well, it’s safe to say one doesn’t need to be killing brain cells en masse with whatever drug one might choose to partake of. But as has been said before, the “cure” of drug prohibition has been far worse than the disease. And the same would go for gun prohibition. But like any good ideologue, Pimentel refuses to see that.



One Response to “Why one but not the other?”

  1. BL Says:

    I was out playing guitar today and ran into an old friend and running buddy from the crazy days. He’s a nam vet (13 back surgeries from a helicopter crash into a rice paddy). He’s old. He’s not in good health. Still a hell of a writer and picker and ace shot too…this general topic came up and he said “Those motherfuckers better remember that a lot of the demographic of people that own their misnomered “assault weapons”, well a lot of us have real assault rifles too and have combat experience and very little to lose because we’re close to death anyway. My property is my property and I don’t care what your law or badge says if you try to take it away without due cause and a lot of people like me might go out shooting and I bet “assault weapon confiscation” even lower on the list of things LEOs like to do than answering domestic violence/domestic dispute calls, and likely a lot more dangerous…”

    You know me, I’m not one of the prag camp, I’m socially friendly with Mike V. and a lot of us didn’t think twice when we started telling people “If you try to take our guns we will kill you.”

    I’d already been to college for a “normal degree” when Clinton got elected and that’s why I went to a good gunsmith school, because, at the end of the day, I know how to make my own from scratch too.

    Registration is stupid, prohibitions are stupid. Just prosecute and deal with people that misbehave. I played a gig at a famous Texas dance hall today and I saw piles of people drinking beer heavily and then getting on the road in trucks and SUVs and on bikes while I sipped my O’Douls. You don’t see me getting liquored up and playing with my BREN do ya? It would never even occur to me to do such a thing. Oddly, unlike many, it would never occur to me to drink ten or twelve beers and drive back to San Antonio like I saw a lot of people do today. Guess that makes me weird, huh? People even tried to buy me real beers and I had to keep saying, “thanks, but you can drink plenty for the both of us and I intend to drive my long ass drive home sober and with no accidents.” I’m not worried about being arrested, many people drink and drive every day of their lives and never get caught. I don’t want to make myself less capable of doing the job of commanding a powerful machine that can kill or impair my judgement. That’s stuff to do in the safety of your own home with nothing dangerous handy, if you’re gonna do it…

    There’s so many other things that could be done to improve society that would be useful, and making more prohibitionary laws ain’t worth a fuck, never has been worth a fuck, and never will be worth a fuck.

    When that LA bank robbery with the dudes with body armor and MGs happened, do you think either bank robber gave a fuck whether the gun he was using to hose bullets at police with was “legal”?

    More people need “assault weapons”, it’d make the country more peaceful. People are real friendly out where I live and everybody is armed to the teeth…But you already knew all of this.

    I live where the police response time is 45 minutes to 2 hours in a rural area. If something goes bump in the night What goes to investigate it with me has holo sight, a flashlight, and a 42rnd mag. Like Elmer Keith said once “you can’t make anything ‘over-dead’ so if you’re gonna bother shooting it, you may as well make sure it dies…”

    But I mean, seriously, with all the people that still drink and drive and do drugs habitually, and often drive on them too, how the hell are you gonna make gun prohibition work? It’s illegal as hell for anybody but rich people and government to have much of any guns in Mexico, how’s that working out?

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