I really do like fun music, honest.

With as much as I rag on Nashville music and ’80s glam metal for it being so vapid, one might get the feeling that I’m a bit uptight or that I don’t like fun music. Honestly, it’s not true.

I don’t remember exactly when I first heard Texas pop-punk band Bowling for Soup, though I keep thinking it was sometime in 2004. I always thought they had a good sound and that they sounded like they were really having fun with they were doing. (But really, Butch Walker, rap metal? Ew.) They really got on my radar with “1985,” but the first song I remember really liking from them was “Ohio,” better known perhaps as “Come Back to Texas.” Sad song, yes, but I found all the Texas references in it immensely entertaining.

“Willie Nelson wants you back.” I wonder if she toked up on a regular basis… 😉

More after I get home from work…



11 Responses to “I really do like fun music, honest.”

  1. BL Says:

    When I found out about BFS, I had the more than even just the gas money (man that used to be easier) and I talked this gal I liked at the time into driving to Dentonio from Spicewood to see one of their shows. She was skeptical as hell about why it’d be worth bothering when there’s plenty of bands around here and Austin and San Antonio and even San Marcos, but they weren’t coming down this way much. When They kicked into the second song (Thirteen) she kissed me and said “thanks, you were right”. ‘manda had “the estrogen disease” (term a friend invented for thinking like a woman in a frustrating fashion to male humans) pretty bad at times but she had GOOD taste in music.

    Chris has ALWAYS been a big guitarist (double entendre intended), hasn’t he?

    I’m sorry, but I have to do this again because it’s so perfectly WRONG and maybe the coolest slapping and picking of a rock song with a lighter instead of a proper guitar pick, EVAR!

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Heh. You shoulda hung on to her. I was attracted to some real doozies back before Sabra. Remember Kitty-Eater? “You need to change it to something we both like”? Yeah. She said that as METALLICA was playing. I should’ve pulled over and put her out then, even if we were almost at the top of the tallest bridge in Texas. 😉

      • BL Says:

        Umm, she was conflicted and liked things sorta like that secondary Peppermint Creeps tune I posted. One time I took her to a Honky show and she got drunk and ended up making out in the ladies room with some chick and disappearing for a while…I mean if I’d been invited in on that if might have been different, but girlfriends and wives are hard to share. Fair enough?

  2. BL Says:

    BTW, Their doing a tribute to Traci Michaelz(oddly he died in his sleep in Ft Worth) At the Whiskey in LA today and they were one of the most fun glam rock bands I ever heard.

  3. BL Says:

    Just waking up, god I hate me when I type “their” instead of “they’re”, oh well, at least I didn’t do it on the page of a person who borders on being a lexicographer by trade and inclinations…

  4. BL Says:

    BTW, Music Row and the Grand Old Opry are vapid and probably always will be, East Nashville is where bands like Leroy Powell and the Messengers cut their teeth…

    Knoxville has one of the best radio stations on the planet that will play Hank Williams followed by Kings of Leon, and unfortunately that means they also play an occasional U2 song or some other stuff I don’t like, but then you pause the web feed and check back later.

    Google and check their current playlist and for a radio station, I bet it isn’t at all vomit inducing to ya. WFIV 105.3/i105

    Friendly with a DJ there and she tipped me off to the fact that http://www.facebook.com/johncommonandblindingflashesoflight?sk=app_178091127385 were going to do an in studio appearance because they were passing by and they weren’t even doing a gig in Knoxville.

    If it ain’t fun it ain’t music, if it is fun, it quite possible is music!

  5. BL Says:

    One other BTW, if you click on the Blinding Flashes of Light as above, “Go to Hell (With me)” is my personal favorite.

  6. BL Says:

    But you need more Rock and Roll on your page 😉

    Malcolm and Angus giving lessons on how to do it PROPERLY.

  7. BL Says:

    This thread needs Jackyl doing “JUST LIKE A NEGRO” with Run DMC. If you’re gonna be politically incorrect, do it right!

  8. BL Says:

    Monte needs to be on this page too cos he’s FUN!

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