Well, there’s probably an easy way…

…around this:

“The secretary herself is quite disappointed in the outcome in this case,” Clinton’s spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland, said Friday. “You know that the U.S. government sought a stay of (Humberto) Leal’s execution in order to give the Congress time to act on the Consular Notification Compliance Act, which would have provided Leal the judicial review required by international law.

“Frankly if we don’t protect the rights of non-Americans in the United States, we seriously risk reciprocal lack of access to our own citizens overseas,” Nuland said. “So this is why the secretary is concerned. … We’ve got to treat non-Americans properly here if we expect to be able to help our citizens overseas.”

Well, you know what? If American citizens don’t go abroad, rape teenage girls with sharp sticks and bash their heads in with 50-pound rocks, they shouldn’t have that much to worry about. And those who do go abroad to do such things? Well, they deserve the same fate that came to Humberto Leal.



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