This should tell you all you need to know…

…about the Scientologists and their harassment of those who leave their little cult:

“…It’s not what we would consider adult behavior.”

I would hope, though, that Christian Wiseman doesn’t consider Mark Rathbun to be acting like a child. After all, he’s not the one going into Ingleside’s restaurants and intruding on people’s meals. And did anyone else catch the incongruity of these statements?

Bart Parr, one of several Californians on Squirrel Busters assignment, insisted the mission is purely journalistic and not harassment.

“We’re here to shoot a documentary of Mr. Rathbun and his activities. We don’t follow him around, he follows us around,” he said last week.

These people came from California, but he follows them around? All righty then.

It deserves to be asked, though, at what point is it legitimate to tell these people “Get out of our town or we will shoot you”? Thoughts?



3 Responses to “This should tell you all you need to know…”

  1. jdruse Says:

    Get thee behind me, Thetan!


  2. Albatross Says:

    Several months ago I read an article about Mr. Rathburn. He genuinely seems to have wised up to the sham of Scientology, and I knew that he had come to Texas to get away from them, but I didn’t realize it was in Ingleside.

    Make no mistake, the fault here is all with the Scientology folks. They have a policy of destroying people who criticize them, and it’s too bad that they have pursued Mr. Rathburn and brought these destructive tactics to a small town on the Texas coast.

    I hope they go away sooner rather than later.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Make no mistake, the fault here is all with the Scientology folks.

      Oh, yeah, that’s pretty much the impression I got. And I know right now it seems to be at just nuisance level, but the folks in Ingleside shouldn’t have to put up with that any more than they should have to put up with home invaders. (In a way you could say that’s exactly what the Scientologists have done — invaded Ingleside.) What other recourse do they have?

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