Come on, you know I had to go there.

Via Dwight Silverman, we have this:

Today at the Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft took the verbal gloves off: During his keynote, CEO Steve Ballmer mocked Apple’s Mac sales numbers.

He compared the number of PCs sold in the last twelve months, some 350 million units, to what he called roughly 20 million units sold by an unnamed, but much hinted at competitor.

I read that and thought of a certain entry I saw on a blog called The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs:

“We would rather have 10 percent of a gorgeous beautiful pristine market that we can completely own and control (read: huge margins) than have 90 percent of a bucket of shit.”

The blogger was talking about Android in this particular entry, but I’d guess he’d apply the same logic to the personal computer market as well.

At any rate, it’s worth asking why Steve Ballmer thinks Apple’s so worthy of discussion, since he seemingly doesn’t think it’s a worthy competitor to Microsoft. One percent market share for the Windows Phone and (as of 2009) the Zune? Apple must be doing something right.



7 Responses to “Come on, you know I had to go there.”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    Apple must be doing something right.

    They are: marketing on appearance, not ability.

  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Its like comparing Glock vs. 1911 for sales numbers. Glock like Apple is a one-vendor unit, and it sells VERY well and has a lot of loyal followers, many for good reasons.

    1911 like PCs are open-sourced and from a myriad of vendors. You have total junk, and you have ridiculous semi-custom stuff…you can also build your own from scratch or pre-fabricated parts.

    They simply can’t be compared on such a wide playing field.

  3. Borepatch Says:

    The Fake Steve Jobs was awesome.

  4. Linoge Says:

    I dare say Sabra nailed it – I lost faith in Apple when an iPod refused to function with the software it was bundled with. Sure, I can understand that software gets out of date and needs to be updated, but why would you ship a version of software with a piece of hardware that was going to refuse to play with it? Cannot say as though I have ever had that problem with any Windows software…

    *shrug* Apple can go on feeling smugly superior, but their skinning Linux into Mac OSX and eventually getting around to natively supporting running Windows inside of it? Yeah, those two decisions spoke volumes.

    • BL Says:

      We don’t much care for each other’s views on a lot of things, but I concur, as a long term UNIX/Linux user going back to PDP-11 days…And they don’t even release iTunes and various other things for UNIX/Linux when it’s all built on stolen UNIX/Linux code. They can go eat a box of dicks as far as I care.

  5. BL Says:

    Real computing people use UNIX and Linux and do typesetting type stuff with LaTeX as God intended and write code in vi…and they all use Intel based chips anymore, but with the land of UNIX and Linux, who Apple stole HUGE CHUNKS OF CODE from for OS X and a bunch of their apps, you get source code too so you can more easily make things work the way you want. “Apple, it just works” may be true on some levels, but it also is dumbed down for people that code too…Just saying…

  6. BobG Says:

    You should use what works best for you. I’ve been building my own computers for almost twenty years now, and Apple doesn’t allow that, so I don’t use them. My only Apple product is my iPod.

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