I know a lot of people might agree with this…

…but I don’t.

Maybe this will Make (sic) Kids (sic) realize Just (sic) how dangerous VODKAreally (sic) is . So sad . And Parents (sic) Don’t (sic) keep it in your house!!!

And those who do agree, specifically those who own guns, I’d like to ask: What’s the difference between the alcohol and the loaded guns? We advocate education with guns; why wouldn’t it work with alcohol, too? And why aren’t the parents being held liable? I bet you if one of those kids had gotten ahold of a loaded gun and put a bullet where it shouldn’t go they’d be held liable — especially if the kid was intoxicated. Why should this be any different?



2 Responses to “I know a lot of people might agree with this…”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    I don’t know anyone who advocates education about guns who doesn’t take a similar approach on pretty much everything. Remember our convo with Bobbie over the firewater?

    The whole thing sounds strange; I’d say they should have stopped drinking it (vodka *does* have a taste), but I seem to continuously misunderestimate the stupidity of today’s kids.

  2. TBeck Says:

    In one case the hardware is loaded, in the second case the software is loaded.

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