Oh, look! Another anti-gun journalist peddles yet another discredited statistic!

And this morning it’s Wisconsin expat O. Ricardo Pimentel, in our very own San Antonio Express-News:

Last month, Mexican President Felipe Calderón said 85 percent of the more than 100,000 weapons taken from cartels in the past five years came from the United States. A Hearst Newspapers investigation found much the same trend.

Really? I don’t recall that being the case. No one said anything about whether Hearst’s sample was a representative sample of guns being confiscated from the cartels. I am not surprised that Pimentel would cite that as gospel considering it’s his employer, but it’s still unbecoming of someone who fancies himself a journalist. He and his kind aren’t interested in the truth. The only thing they (Pimentel included) care about is their agenda, as evidenced by:

A. not a word about the ATF shipping guns to Mexico; and

B. their continued advocacy, seen here and elsewhere, of a renewed “assault weapons ban” that would likely be struck down as unconstitutional in light of the Supreme Court ruling in Heller v. D.C. that arms “in common use” are protected by the Second Amendment.

As Borepatch says, this is drivel of a quite shockingly low caliber.


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7 Responses to “Oh, look! Another anti-gun journalist peddles yet another discredited statistic!”

  1. Borepatch Says:

    And we’d like a higher caliber drivel, please.


    • Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

      Most of the rest of the paper’s “Latino” columnists have fled, & apparently such journalists are thin locally, so they had to go far afield this time. Setting yourself racial quotas can be harder than it seems.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:


  3. Bob S. Says:

    Let’s take his numbers at face value for a second.

    85% of 100,000 = 85,000
    85,000 divided by 5 (years) = 17,000
    17,000 divided by 365 (days) = 46.57

    So the Mexican Government’s control of the border — THEIR border is so poor that they allow 46 firearms a day to cross, is that what I’m hearing?

    Sounds like the Mexican Government needs to work on border security.

    I urgently request Mexico deploy their law enforcement and military troops ON their SIDE of the border (we’ve had enough of them coming on our side) to stop this problem.

    The fact it might inhibit illegal immigration into our country is a nice bonus.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      I urgently request Mexico deploy their law enforcement and military troops

      The ones who haven’t gone to work for the cartels?

  4. Mike W. Says:

    Calderon will always say that, truth be damned. It’s easier for him to blame the U.S. for Mexico’s problems and his incompetence than it is for him to man up.

  5. Lergnom Says:

    If these hoplophobes want to try ramming another AW ban down our throats, they may find out that, not only is it unconstitutional under the ‘common use’ argument, but it might force a new look at Miller v DC and NFA ’34.
    Stay safe

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