Where did this come from?

I don’t know if you’d call No Depression an Authorized Journalism source, but this certainly sounds like something an Authorized Journalist would write:

CCR (Cross Canadian Ragweed — ed.) fans can be relieved that in The Departed (Cody) Canada has found a platform that complements his formidable talents (including, although not evident here, song writing) and eagerly await a release of original material.  Perhaps the demise of CCR is what Canada needed to realize his long-overdue commercial success. 

…long-overdue lolwhut? From what I can tell there really isn’t that much difference between CCAtD and Ragweed, to the point you could almost call it Cross Canadian Ragweed v.2.0. And that’s by no means a bad thing. There’s no good reason that Ragweed shouldn’t have had commercial success with what they were doing. Not everything they did was geared to the Nashville demographic, i.e., “Walls of Huntsville” and “Cold Hearted Woman” — but there’s no good reason that “17,” “Alabama” and “This Time Around” couldn’t or shouldn’t have been huge hits on mainstream country radio. I think that to the extent Cody Canada and the Departed make it big outside of Texas and Oklahoma, it’ll only be to the extent that country radio doesn’t suck — and we all know how that’s going these days. Does anyone really think things are going to change that much that fast?



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