So, about that earlier entry…

You might have wondered what the hell I was doing up for 24 hours straight earlier. Well, gather ’round, friends and neighbors…

I had to be up earrrly yesterday morning because I worked the morning shift β€” after working the evening shift the night before. Got off work at 2300 hours & had to be back at work at 0700 the next morning. Fun stuff, especially after I got about 5 1/2 hours of sleep. I figured, no sweat, I’ll make it up that night, eh? Well, fate had other plans.

I did pretty well most of the day; I was even good for lunch after work, as I got home about 1630 or so and the kids got back from their dad’s about 1800. (The patty melt-ish sandwich at Whataburger is the bomb-diggety-shiz-nit, yo. I highly recommend it.) The evening progressed normally, and we went to bed in the early hours of the morning as we normally do.

However. Marie had been running a fever the last couple of days, which we’d been fighting with infant ibuprofen, and it had seemed to be abating. As the night went on, she got to be quite het-up β€” and absolutely inconsolable. We got her calmed down to a point, but as she was sleeping we noticed she was shaking even after Sabra moved her out of the path of the air conditioner. Sabra got up and looked up teh symptoms Marie was experiencing, and it looked as if she had had herself a febrile seizure. So just before 0300, we racked the kids out of bed, took ’em to Sabra’s mother’s house and ferried Marie to the Baptist Hospital downtown. After a bit of prodding & poking, x-rays & urine tests, it was determined that Marie had come down with a urinary tract infection. I will note that by the time we got to the hospital, about an hour after we got the kids up, Marie was her usual bubbly self, which made it a lot less worrisome. And she didn’t really waver from that except when they took her temperature and X-rays (she didn’t like to be laid down) and when they gave her a shot of antibiotics. She’s now sitting on her Mama’s lap happy as a clam and everything’s good.

So we left, got the kids & came back home, getting back to the house a little bit before 0700 this morning. I posted, shut my computer down & went to sleep. I did remarkably well for being up so long, though I am still in a bit of a fog. Damn sunlight. I don’t know how the overnight shift workers do it, though I suspect it involves vast & copious amounts of opaque materials on their windows…



9 Responses to “So, about that earlier entry…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hope the kid feels better soon.

    As for night-shift workers, I’m a nightowl by nature. When I did night-shift work last year, I used denim for curtains. Melatonin supplements also help some people, though I didn’t really need ’em. And there’s always the, “If you don’t shut up so I can sleep, I’m going to get you with this claw hammer” promise if the rest of the family’s being, err, uncooperative. πŸ™‚

  2. James Says:

    Us night shift guys are a special breed.
    Seriously, if you ever want to see how much sleep your body can do without, get a permanent night shift job.
    I sleep about 5 hours a day when I work nights, and I feel fine when I get up. If I work day shift, and only get 5 hours of sleep that night, I feel miserable.
    And yes, I have aluminum foil lining all the windows in my bedroom. Works like a champ.

  3. mattexian Says:

    I’ve used a few different things to block the light when I was working as night-watchman. First was hanging the big black plastic garbage bags over the windows, that worked for a while, then I moved out and got cats (they came with the first wife). I finally discovered that I don’t need the whole room dark (tho it helps), I could get by with just covering my eyes with a dark cloth (like the eyeshades, but I can’t stand the elastic), so I first used dark bandanas, but they’re small and kept falling off, until I discovered my old flannel scarves would work great, as they’re a Black Watch plaid and measure about 3 ft by 1 ft, and plenty soft from being broken in already.

  4. BobG Says:

    Glad to hear that the little one will be ok.
    When I’ve spent time working nights, I found that the light really didn’t bother my sleep, it was all the damn noise all day long from outside that was annoying.

  5. That Guy Says:

    Glad the kiddo is on the mend.

    While not nearly as exciting as yours, my 3 year old had to go to the minor emergency for getting a rock up his nostril this morning. That was fun.

  6. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Heh. I really did figure noise would be bad and foil would be good. Foil was exactly what I was thinking of, actually.

    Hope your little one came through okay, TG! I think all the rocks around here are too big for that, but I am not 100% sure…

  7. peter Says:

    Glad to hear the baby is ok. I’ve worked nights at various times over the years and always preferred it. Right now, we have a big piece of cardboard over one window and trash bags on the other, tho they are falling off. I don’t sleep much during the day now, but I like to sleep in a very dark room. I also sleep with a fan on to drown out outside noise.

  8. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Oh yeah. White noise helps a lot in any situation. I remember after Hurricane Ike slammed into Southeast Texas and flooded the office I was working in, they had box fans in there to dry it out. Drove me nuts, because those fans always made me tired. I eventually went and bought a box fan to stick in my bedroom at my apartment, and it was well worth the coin. πŸ˜‰

  9. peter Says:

    I have a box fan right up next to the bed on my side. My wife has one also, but hers is about two feet away. We only have one working a/c in our house, in the living room, and according to the thermometer in our room, it routinely gets up to 86 in our room. We’re about to move though, so that’ll finally change. I’ll still sleep with the fan on. During the winter I even put a space heater a couple feet behind it to blow warm air on me. hahaha

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