Elevating music beyond mediocrity…

Yeah, some singers can actually do that!

When most folks hear the name Radney Foster, they probably think of his top-10 hits as a solo artist — “Just Call Me Lonesome” and “Nobody Wins” — or the string of hits he had as a member of ’80s duo Foster & Lloyd, including “Crazy Over You,” and “What Do You Want From Me This Time.”

However, as was the case with Rodney Crowell, there was life after mainstream country stardom for Foster; he made two more albums for Arista Nashville and later signed with Dualtone Records, in the meantime writing & recording songs that would later go on to be recorded by the likes of Keith Urban (“Raining On Sunday”), Kenny Chesney (“Somebody Take Me Home,” which as you Texas-red dirt fans know was also recorded by the Randy Rogers Band) and Sara Evans (“Real Fine Place To Start”).

I rediscovered Foster right after he made that first Dualtone record (2001’s Are You Ready For The Big  Show?) via a great duet of “Texas in 1880” that he did with Pat Green, but it was the (sort of) regional hit from the next album, Another Way To Go — “Everyday Angel” — that’s stuck with me all these years. Like Rodney Crowell’s “Telephone Road,” I first heard this song on KIKK 95.7 back in the late summer of ’02. That station of course is now just another piece of Houston radio history, but fortunately the song remains. I remember one night as we were listening to this song on 95.9 the Ranch, Sabra said, “If anyone else had recorded this song, it would have been the most cliched pap…ever.”

Yeah, it very well might have been, but somehow Radney Foster took it to the next level. That last verse always got me, though.

“Dave was gonna meet his wife in a coffee shop in Brooklyn, when he heard the alarm sing out. 911, he was runnin’ up stairs, that he never got back down…he was an everyday angel, earnin’ his wings…”



4 Responses to “Elevating music beyond mediocrity…”

  1. mattexian Says:

    Another one from Foster that thankfully the stations don’t play into the ground, is “Angel Flight.” That one makes me tear up most times I hear it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpYVfHTajOg

  2. Borepatch Says:

    +500 to mattexian

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Ohhhh, yeah, I know all about “Angel Flight.” That’s from another great Radney Foster cd, 2009’s Revival. I bought Sabra that cd for Christmas year before last and that’s one of my favorites on it.

  4. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    “Angel Flight” is so, so good. Also? Dude is Episcopalian. It would probably be unseemly to go to St. Luke’s just to track down his mother and thank her for birthing such a talented guy. 😉

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