Why you shouldn’t trust MSM pieces about guns…

…part only God knows what:

Full military potency, eh? So they put the happy switch on it? And American gun stores sell that select-fire AK?

And the .38 Super is “less powerful” than the .45? I’m sure that’s news to those folks who are loading those 115-grain bullets for just shy of 1400 feet per second.

Journalism FAIL, indeed.

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7 Responses to “Why you shouldn’t trust MSM pieces about guns…”

  1. TBeck Says:

    It’s pop culture ignorance. I was watching the remake of DAY OF THE DEAD and saw the same thing. Apparently every gun store in Colorado sells Title 2 hardware right off the shelf.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Maybe it is ignorance, but we have a right to expect better from those who would claim to inform us.

  3. Les Says:

    I’ve been watching and reading stuff from the main stream media since the 60’s, “fairness” doctrine and all, and believe it or not, this is a time of the most pro-2nd amendment (such as they are) MSM products ever. The shooting of the Congresswoman by one of her more radical liberal constituents has caused them to backslide, or just pull out the old stuff. So, after all this time, it may be ignorance by some, but, no, we have no right to expect better from those who would claim to inform us. If there was one it was trampled years ago. I would like to agree with you. But after the last few elections, it’s obviously gone. Saw where one columnist said it was time for a national examination of Perry. I emailed him and asked when the national examination of Obama was going to start. He hasn’t replied.
    By the way, I have always liked the 38 super.

  4. southtexaspistolero Says:

    no, we have no right to expect better from those who would claim to inform us.

    If that’s the case, why have a press and a constitutional amendment protecting it? You know the old saying, “with great freedom comes great responsibility”? Well, I think that with the freedom of the press comes a responsibility to at least know what the hell you’re talking about. (By the way, was Rick Casey that columnist from the Chronicle that you e-mailed? He used to grace the pages of the Express-News before he was hired at the Chronicle.)

    .38 Super is pretty nifty, but as far as esoteric pistol cartridges go I prefer the 10mm. 155 grains at 1375 feet per second is the bee’s knees. Very comfortable to shoot, yet still packs quite a wallop.

    • Les Says:

      No, It was Dave McNeely (davemcneely111@gmail.com).
      The founding fathers tried to design a governmental system that would run by the lowest common denominator, but said if it was run by people without honor, or honesty, it still probably wouldn’t work. The press is free, and has a right to print what they want. In theory, we are free, and have a right to publish what we want, if we can. So with a government run by honorable men or a government held in check by an honorable fact checking press, it would fulfill the founding father’s desires.
      However, the press can decide to slough off their responsibility and print what they want, or what they can keep a job printing, in our case sort of American Pravadas (sic?). So, if they decide to become a fifth column, they can, and in the case of the MSM have. Look at the trashing of Fox and endlessly, of Bush. So, anyway, we have a right to freedom of the press, but only a moral requirement for an honorable one. We have the right to buy or not buy or read or not (so far) what we want. We have the right to freedom of the press, but not the right to a truthful, competent one. The expectation, but not the right. Next, I will deliver a learned lecture on how many angels can fit on the head of a pin, because I really agree with you, just a matter of sematics.
      I have never heard complaints by anyone who went with the 10mm years ago. They all seem to really like them. I would like to have one. I went from the 38 super to 45 acp and now to 357 sig with 147 gr (I think), and like it very well. But really, I would be happy with any of those. From what I hear the 10mm doesn’t have much of a drop at a pretty good distance (compared to other pistol calibers), In general, have you found that to be the case?

      • southtexaspistolero Says:

        I’ve never shot the 10mm at anything more than about 25 yards, but from what I understand it is a pretty flat-shooting cartridge. I have found it to be pretty accurate, though. I think that lack of drop is why so many use it for hunting; I’ve heard of it being used to hunt both hogs and deer.

  5. Too Old To Work Says:

    Your title is too long. It should read,

    “Why you shouldn’t trust the MSM”.

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