So what about the small-timers…

…who grow it in their back yard?

As pointed out in the July 13 Wall Street Journal, legalizing marijuana could have a significant impact on the deficit for a number of reasons including:

We would stop spending huge sums trying to eliminate drug importation;

We would regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol;

The cost of imprisoning people for victimless crimes would be eliminated;

We could produce marijuana in the U.S. instead of importing it.

The newly legal marijuana producers would pay taxes like other farmers.

Sure, you’d have people who would go to the package store or wherever weed would be sold and buy it, but I am sure you’d have more than a few who’d keep doing what they’re doing now — that is, growing their own. They just wouldn’t have to make such an effort to hide it. This would be different, though, if we still gave the government authority to bust those who grow it for personal use for not having the tax stamp. I once said elsewhere that I used to be all about legalizing and taxing weed, but somewhere along the line I changed my tune on the whole tax aspect of it. Why? Well, to be blunt, that power to tax confers upon the government license to keep shooting dogs (and innocent citizens) and burning babies. I suppose I could in theory support a tax on those who grow it to sell it, but somehow I get the feeling we’d get the requirement for a tax stamp for both commercial and personal growers. And it’d eventually get used just as cigarette taxes do, as behavior modification. And we’d be right back where we were, probably with the IRS in the mix with their guns. Would that be that much of an improvement?



One Response to “So what about the small-timers…”

  1. BobG Says:

    You could easily make the rules the same as making homemade wine or beer; you are allowed to make a certain amount for home use without the need of a tax or license. It would be simple to allow people to grow X amount of pot for personal use without requiring a permit.

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