Way to pin the blame there, Gunwalker Bill.

He really said this?

In a particularly heated moment, Newell said, “We didn’t sell firearms, sir,” when the committee’s chairman, Rep. Darryl (sic) Issa, R-Calif., questioned him on how guns got from firearms dealers to purchasers and then on to the cartels.

Wow, what a thoroughgoing asshole. They might not have directly sold firearms to Mexican drug cartels, but they certainly facilitated the purchases by telling the border FFLs to let them go through. (Really, if ATF agents told the FFLs to let the purchases go through, did they have any other choice?) Not only that, but now it’s being bandied about that some of those guns may have been purchased with taxpayer money. Given all that, it’s pretty sorry of Bill Newell to try to pin the blame for all this on the gun dealers. In a way his little slam only gives more credence to those who say Gunwalker was a scheme to gin up support for more gun control. I don’t know if you’d call it a Freudian slip, but it certainly looks like one.


One Response to “Way to pin the blame there, Gunwalker Bill.”

  1. Crotalus Says:

    Ginning up fuel for assailing the 2A is the only way that “Gunwalker” makes any kind of sense.

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