Why was James Clarke, Jr. not in jail?

From this morning’s Houston Chronicle:

A Houston judge Monday raised the bail of a gang member suspected of fatally shooting his girlfriend and dumping her body in Montgomery County after hearing he recently applied for a passport to go to the Bahamas.

State District Judge Kevin Fine raised the bail for 31-year-old James David Clarke Jr. from $200,000 to $250,000 after prosecutors said Clarke went to a post office to try to get a passport last week as volunteers searched for the body of Amber Chantel Elkins, 20….

Clarke’s criminal history includes at least five felony convictions, including possession of cocaine, car theft, assault and robbery.

Car theft, assault and robbery? Now, you know there are a lot of people who will make hay out of the fact that Mr. Clarke did his dirty work with a gun. What they should be up in arms about is the fact that he was walking free in the first place. Why don’t they do that? The only conclusion I can draw is that they just don’t care.



4 Responses to “Why was James Clarke, Jr. not in jail?”

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  2. kristie kay Says:

    James david clarke was not in jail long cause he knew how to play the system. They would try to give him 3yrs he wouldn’t take it. so he would take it to trial. The court didnt want to pay the money. so they would finally give a year. By that time he had already did 6 months. He say ok I will take it!!!!!

  3. matt kilpatrick Says:

    I am the mother if Amber Elkins..pls contact me. I would Luke to know why he was out in the streets myself.

  4. obi Says:

    Trial is set for Jan 14, 2013

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