Is it really this bad…

on TV and radio down in Latin America and Mexico?

Here’s one thing that every Hispanic person in the United States should do this week: face up to the violent, sexist and homophobic smut that gets pumped out over the airwaves through Spanish-language television and radio shows….

Pointing to commonplace domestic violence in the soap operas, routine harsh swearing that flies under the radar of the English-oriented Federal Communications Commission, and trashy talk show segments like “women who were raped by their fathers — and liked it,” the short video touches on the consequences of such unchecked content for a low-income community that tends to use the television as a nanny, and how to combat it.

I don’t know that such topics as the one cited directly above would be that much different than what you might hear on certain English-language morning shows. But even so, if what’s talked about in the video here is the truth, then that’s just absolutely astonishing. Do Mexican media outlets propagate such negative stereotypes and other negative aspects of Mexican culture? Judging by the fact that all this stuff occurs in Spanish-speaking media I am left to believe that they do.

And that leads to but one conclusion: this sort of thing is yet another consequence of Mexican immigrants not being encouraged to assimilate into American culture. I don’t mean to imply that American culture is wholly superior to Mexican culture, but there’s no denying it’s certainly less misogynist, for one.

It’s good to see at least some Latinos willing to tackle such issues head-on. I really do wish them much success. Now we just need an organization emphasizing the benefits of deeper assimilation into American culture, such as learning English. I really don’t see it as xenophobic or racist to expect people who come here to learn the dominant language. The way we’re doing things now is only going to lead to more balkanization, and we have all seen what that sort of thing leads to.




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