Do I hear hoofbeats in the distance?

You know, call me a cultural elitist, but there’s something quite disturbing about people taking their marital disputes to be aired & settled on national prime-time TV. (It looks even more like low art, refined Jerry Springer if you will, with Rush playing on my iPod…)

And the ick factor is only made that much worse by the fact that the person selected as the overall winner at the end of the show gets his or her photo on billboards in his or her hometown. Seriously, is there nothing people won’t do for money or publicity? Entertainment-wise this stuff makes all the bands the PMRC bitched about in the ’80s look as wholesome as a Norman Rockwell painting in comparison.

We haven’t even gotten to the effects on the participants’ marriages of such a thing. I suppose, though, that those who go on such a show are beyond such jejune things as dignity and embarrassment. Still, though, I do weep for American culture.


One Response to “Do I hear hoofbeats in the distance?”

  1. BobG Says:

    I’m appalled at the amount of people who are interested in “celebrities'” dirty laundry; what the hell is the matter with them? Since when did Jerry Springer’s show, and its clones become a place to showcase the more sordid details of someone’s life?

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