It may not be the buggy whip makers’ strike…

…but I wouldn’t be surprised if their arguments were all that different from the ones we see here

Striking Verizon landline workers say they laid the foundation for the company’s booming wireless business and shouldn’t be expected to give up contract benefits just because they work on a less profitable side of the business.

But management says the company has to change to stay competitive and the 45,000 landline workers can’t expect to be paid the way they were when the phone company was a monopoly….

Paula Lopez, 60, a customer service representative on a picket line in New York, acknowledged that fewer people use land line phones but said land lines were “the stepping stones and building blocks for wireless. … That’s where they got the money to start up the wireless.”

“Fewer people use buggies, yes, but the buggy designs were the stepping stones and building blocks for these new horseless carriages.”

So Verizon got the money for wireless from older technology. What the hell does that have to do with anything as far as the landline workers are concerned? People’s careers get outmoded every damn day. Just as an example, anyone who’s paying attention knows the shape journalism is in these days, what with the Internet allowing access to content that used to have to be paid for. But there are ways to adapt. And instead of bitching and moaning, that’s what these people should be doing. The fact that they’re not speaks volumes about their mindset, and none of it is good. It sounds like they’d just rather not have a job than one that pays a bit less. Personally, I think Verizon should oblige them. I bet you there’s a shitload of people out there who’d kill to work under the conditions Verizon wants.



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