Once again, O. Ricardo Pimentel demonstrates his ignorance.

And once again, it’s on the gun issue.

The NRA, though highly dependent on you (gun owners — ed.), has diminished you into a caricature, a punch line. The uncaring — my-cold-dead-hands — defender of the unrestricted right to pack as much firepower as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. No need to balance this “right” against anyone else’s rights.

Man alive, Ricky-boy certainly enjoys hatin’ on the gun owners, doesn’t he? I don’t know what his problem is, but whatever it is, quite simply, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s as if he thinks civilian ownership of semiautomatic rifles is going to bring about the very end of Western civilization itself. But here’s the thing — there are things more dangerous to San Antonians, and arguably Americans in general, than semiautomatic rifles. Like cars:

San Antonio police have made 3,450 DWI arrests so far this year (to Aug. 1 — ed.), said Police Chief William McManus. There have been 64 fatality crashes causing 67 deaths so far this year, with alcohol involved in 17 of those crashes, he said.

Meanwhile, while I can’t find any stats on number of murders in San Antonio this year to date, according to several news reports there were 79 murders in the city last year. This means that there have been almost as many people killed in San Antonio this year with cars alone as were killed with guns (all types of guns, even, not just semiautomatic rifles!), knives, blunt objects and all other instruments used combined all last year. Yet Pimentel and his lamebrained ilk keep beating this drum. I wonder why that is?

I would respectfully submit to him and his kind, though, the words of L. Neil Smith:

“The freedom to own and carry the weapon of your choice is a natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil, and Constitutional right — subject neither to the democratic process nor to arguments grounded in social utility.”

And perhaps, while I’m at it, the words of Mike Vanderboegh:

“The war would certainly extend to those whose direct and support it– civilian or not– as they are primary targets, far more so than the foot soldiers of Ambassador Dan’s Einsatzgruppen. Bill Clinton extended our own rules of war in the Kosovo intervention to include the news media and other propagandists as legitimate targets. Under these rules, (O. Ricardo Pimentel) and his anti-gun ilk would all be dead men.”

Do I think Pimentel would support gun confiscation? Certainly. There’s no reason to suspect he wouldn’t. That’s the way they all think. As has been said before, anti-gunners of every stripe have supported every gun ban to come down the pike. And to a man and woman, they’ve kept their mouths shut when government authorities have mandated guns be turned in.

Lucky for us, though, they’re outnumbered.



4 Responses to “Once again, O. Ricardo Pimentel demonstrates his ignorance.”

  1. Chris in Boerne Says:

    It occurs to me that newspaper columnists are basically the print version of trolls. They drop their uninvited and often uneducated opinion for all to read, without ever returning to the debate they start in order to defend or back up their opinions. I was tempted to respond to the article, but what the hell, it’d be like shouting at a wall.

  2. bob thurn Says:

    I just couldn’t let this column get past me without responding to Pimentel. Every column gets me riled, but this one really set me off.
    This is what i wrote in response.

    May I first suggest that you are a condescending pin-head. Please see the definition of metaphor.

    The NRA is doing what needes to be done. The need for a new Federal regulation requiring that gun dealers along the border report multiple sales of certain semi-automatic rifles would not be necessary if it were not for the Federal government, the DOJ the ATF and in particular Mr Eric Holder.

    You know from the facts that Holder is not telling the truth about his role or that of the POTUS in the departmemt of Justice gunrunner scam.

    You sir, have become the stereotype of a bumbling columnist who has neither the ability nor the inclananation to do any investigative reporting. You sir, have become a caricature of what honest reporting is all about……….

    Did I get a response? Sure did. Pimintel wrote ” Sure, if I may suggest you are a mindless name caller.” I guess the Press reserves the right to insult.

    Today was even more off the track. The 10th ammendment being equated to gay marriage, planned parenthood, and sonograms? Can we all chip in and buy him a ticket back to Milwaukee?

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    The 10th ammendment being equated to gay marriage, planned parenthood, and sonograms?

    Somehow I knew that was the tack he was going to take with that column — which is why I didn’t even read it.

    The hell with a ticket. Fling him back with a damn trebuchet.

  4. bob thurn Says:

    I really would like to know what the O. stands for. I’m torn between obtuse and obnoxious.

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