As one right goes, so do others.

But hey, we’re just crying wolf, right?

An illegal, Orwellian violation of free-speech rights? Or just a smart tactic to protect train passengers from rowdy would-be demonstrators during a busy evening commute?

The question resonated Saturday in San Francisco and beyond as details emerged of Bay Area Rapid Transit officials’ decision to cut off underground cellphone service for a few hours at several stations Thursday. Commuters at stations from downtown to near the city’s main airport were affected as BART officials sought to tactically thwart a planned protest over the recent fatal shooting of a 45-year-old man by transit police….

Similar questions of censorship have arisen in recent days as Britain’s government put the idea of curbing social media services on the table in response to several nights of widespread looting and violence in London and other English cities. Police claim that young criminals used Twitter and Blackberry instant messages to coordinate looting sprees in riots.

Bill Whittle once wrote, “Once the Second Amendment goes, the First will soon follow, because if some unelected elite determines that the people can’t be trusted with dangerous guns then it’s just a matter of time until they decide they can’t be trusted with dangerous ideas, either.” They’re proving him right here, albeit for different reasons. Of course, this is just the latest outrage. This is just something you can add to all the gun laws, the War On Some Drugs, and other such things that have made a mockery of the Bill of Rights.

And you know what they’ll say: “This is just for the citizens’ protection!” And? Maybe if the right to keep and bear arms were respected as the Founding Fathers intended it to be, they’d have at least one fewer reason to be doing things like this. Anything for just a bit more control over the citizens subjects, I suppose.



3 Responses to “As one right goes, so do others.”

  1. Bob S. Says:

    One idiotic things I read in the media was the justification “Well, it is private property, BART can do what it wants”.

    Well, no. It isn’t private property. It a governmental agency.

    This should be part of Reporting 101, shouldn’t it?

    That and all that business about prior restraint, innocent until proven guilty.

    Guess the government and the media are waging war on all our rights.

  2. mick Says:

    They’re proving him right here
    Because guns aren’t allowed on BART?

    this is just the latest outragefor the citizens’ protection
    So true. Did you know that the House is working on (passed committee only so far) a bill to require ISPs to log everyone’s internet usage for a year? And of course they have to call it “Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011”. I’m sure it’ll only be used for keeping kids away from porn and never for tracking incendiary twitter posts that encouraged a riot.

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Because guns aren’t allowed on BART?

    That I don’t know, but the point was that the Second Amendment is by and large not accorded the respect that it should be in San Francisco. The state CCW laws, for example, leave the decision up to local law enforcement on whether to issue licenses, and from what I’ve read it’s next to impossible to get the San Francisco police to sign off on permits. But it wouldn’t surprise me if guns weren’t allowed on BART; they don’t allow them on the Via buses here in San Antonio.

    I’m sure it’ll only be used for keeping kids away from porn and never for tracking incendiary twitter posts that encouraged a riot.

    For the record, I am just as wary of that as you are. And now I am thinking of small businessmen with AKs shooting rioters as said rioters throw Molotov cocktails at their businesses.

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