They say, “Just call the police”…

…but what do you do when the lines are jammed?

A rapper could face criminal charges after a tweet from his account incited a telephone flash mob that overwhelmed the emergency phone system at one of busiest stations of the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department, the agency said Saturday….

Phones at the southeast Los Angeles County station started ringing at 5:23 p.m. Friday, and the lines were jammed by hundreds of calls for more than two hours, prompting authorities to bring in additional help. Many callers hung up as soon as someone answered, while others asked deputies about a music internship.

During that time people with legitimate issues that included a missing person, spousal abuse and two robberies were also trying to call in, department spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

Tough shit for them, eh?



One Response to “They say, “Just call the police”…”

  1. Windy Wilson Says:

    Just another reminder that the true “first responders” aren’t the people who come to take names and bandage wounds, but the people who can say, “I don’t have to interview people to find out what happened, because in the words of Elmer Keith, ‘Hell, I was there’.”

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