Well, this is progress, I suppose…

From the Houston Chronicle, by way of the San Antonio Express-News:

In a bid to stem the flow of American money and weapons into Mexico, a key committee in the Texas House is examining a proposal that would give the Department of Public Safety permission to assist the federal government in the creation of southbound inspection checkpoints along the border.

Why is it progress? Well, for once you see the politicians talking about ramping up border security as opposed to advocating things like assault weapon bans. Honestly, we probably should have had something like this even before the anti-gunners and the media (but I repeat myself) jumped on the nonexistent “iron river to Mexico” bit.

Such a shame, though, that there was no mention of the thousands of weapons that have made their way to the drug cartels courtesy of the ATF. And the 90 percent Lie That Will Not Die made its requisite appearance, as you’ll see if you read the story. Oh, well, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Snark for the WIN, though, in the comments: “Are these DPS checkpoints going to be coordinated with the BATFE so they don’t stop any of the ‘Project Gunwalker’ operatives walking guns south?”



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