More Facebookin’ after dark!

Me: Overheard earlier at Texas Land & Cattle on North Loop 410, as Sara Evans’ “Real Fine Place to Start” was playing:

Me, as I see this look on Sabra’s face as if, well, she’d just seen someone eating a live baby: “Honey, are you okay?”

Sabra: “I will be when you hand me my drink!” Which was the aforementioned vodka martini, for the record.

Me: And right as I posted that, she pulled up 2002’s ANOTHER WAY TO GO on her computer. “Real Fine Place To Start” is the lead-off track on it. 😉 “Helloooo, NOT Sara Evans!” ROTFLMAO.

Sabra: OMG, it was SO FUCKING GOOD to actually *have* the vodka when I needed it!!1!

Ambulance Driver: I love Foster and Lloyd, and Radney when he went solo.

But don’t go hating on Sara Evans, though.

I’d boil Sara Evans’ underwear and drink the broth.

If I could marry Sara Evans, I’d change *my* name, and be introduced all around Nashville as Mr. Sara Evans.

But that’d be okay, though, because I’d going home at night and f*cking Sara Evans.

And that’s a real fine place to start.

I have the best gorramed Facebook friends ever.


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One Response to “More Facebookin’ after dark!”

  1. mattexian Says:

    Ever time I think of the video for that song, I think of my joke about the “Doublemint Sara Evans twins”, since she’s running around one scene in black, the next in white, and it jumps back and forth, I kept expecting her to end up facing off with herself, turning it into an auto-duet! I know, I’ve got a weird sense of humor.

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