What I’d like to say to a certain person…

…as my stomach still writhes…

“I know you don’t really give a damn about me or Sabra. Which doesn’t matter, honestly, because you’re just a speck in my universe anyway, the overstuffed sack of FAIL that appears on the doorstep every weekend to take the kids to visit for a few hours. But at least give enough of a shit about your kids to keep your plague-ridden girlfriend away from them when she’s sick. Two of them were sick last week, and in addition to me, they passed it on to the baby, you asshole. And now that I think about it, giving a shit about the kids could very well include you not giving them shit they could pass on to me that could make me sick enough to cut hours from my work schedule that I could barely fucking afford. Considering I play such a major role in keeping a roof over their head it’s the least you could do.

“Oh, and while I’m at it, take some of that money you spend on the aforementioned plague-ridden girlfriend and fucking feed those kids more than Ramen noodles on Sundays, you git.”



2 Responses to “What I’d like to say to a certain person…”

  1. Borepatch Says:

    Dude, you gotta stop hiding your feelings. Just come out and say what you think of the man.


  2. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    Well, the Hobo Ranch is a festering cesspool of bum germs…

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