To Jon Huntsman, I would just like to say…

…”Sit down and shut up, you whiny little bitch. You’re part of the problem.”

Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is pounding away at rival Rick Perry‘s skepticism of manmade global warming and criticism of the nation’s central banker, saying those stands hurt the GOP and make the Texas governor come off as a not-so-serious national figure….

Trying to put Perry’s broadside against Bernanke in context, Huntsman said “people are crying out for us to get back to some level of sensibility and this just kind of perpetuates the name-calling and the finger-pointing and the blame game where we want solutions.”

Translation: “That rat bastard Rick Perry has stolen what little thunder I might have had. Who does he think he is? I’m a go-along-to-get-along member of the gorramed Washington Establishment, people! I’m reasonable! Listen to me! Who gives a good gorram if I’m one of the weasels who got us to where we are? Comity and bipartisanship are where it’s at, yo, just ask John McCain!”



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