Overheard in front…

…of the Tyson chicken processing facility in Seguin:
“Hey, I could work at the chicken plant,” as I channel Hank Hill. “I sell chicken and chicken accessories…”
Sabra: “HAHAHA! Boy, you ain’t right…”
Me: “I had to, I just had to!”

In other news, from what we saw of Seguin, it looks like a nice little town, right out of the Norman Rockwell oeuvre, especially the downtown area…and yeah, I was actually being serious there!



4 Responses to “Overheard in front…”

  1. AlanDP Says:

    That area between the chicken plant and Austin Street (the northwest quarter) is probably the worst part of town. I used to deliver pizza there, many years ago.

  2. BobG Says:

    Chicken accessories? Cool! Does that mean we can get tactical chickens now?

  3. That Guy Says:

    Rail mounted chicken accessories.

  4. BobG Says:

    I was wondering what that comb on a rooster’s head was for; it’s a rail!

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