Hey, good thing Naim Muhammad didn’t use a gun!

Someone could have gotten hurt!

A Dallas man accused of drowning his two young sons Monday after abducting them while they were walking to school with their mother was being held on capital murder charges, authorities said.

Naim Muhammad, 32, was held on $2 million bond Monday evening in Dallas County Jail on two counts of capital murder. Online jail records didn’t indicate if he has an attorney.

But wait! There’s more!

In September 2009, he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second degree felony, and received five years’ probation. According to court records, the charge stemmed from a complaint from his sister that he had struck her in the head with a hammer.

Smacked his sister in the head with a hammer and he got probation for that? Seriously? And if you go back up in the story you’ll see that Mr. Muhammad had already threatened his wife, telling her he was going to kill her and the children. Yet he was walking free. Why? And why do anti-gunners not have a problem with this?



One Response to “Hey, good thing Naim Muhammad didn’t use a gun!”

  1. Mike W. Says:

    So he got PROBATION for a violent felony, yet I can get jail time for crossing a line with a gun or having too short a barrel.

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