How prophetic.

Commenter AeroDillo, here:

I’ll allow that a great deal of the music industry (and consumers thereof) has a shamefully short memory. And, as we’ve seen lately, an ever-falling IQ. Accompanying this, sadly, is an increasing degree of belligerence; it’s no longer good enough to proclaim your dirt road credentials – now you have to suffer the bellowings of tone-deaf retards everywhere claiming that they’re country and THAT MAKES THEM BETTER THAN YOU.

Apropos of that, I ran across this on Engine 145 earlier today:

Admit it, guys: there are times when we men are racked with indecision, hesitation and doubt. We may even stay up at night, pondering the ultimate question: Are we manly enough? Are we masculine enough to, say, be a character in a Justin Moore song? Fear not, because Moore, a man among men, has provided a list of things that men do and do not do. Follow along with “Bait a Hook” to learn how we’re supposed to act.

I will admit I didn’t particularly agree with the reviewer’s comments on driving a Prius, though. As I noted in comments, there are legitimate reasons for eschewing Priuses and their ilk — not the least of which is that it’s ill-suited for pretty much anything beyond short hauls of a small family and a little bit of their stuff. No doubt Justin Moore probably didn’t stop to think about that when he found this song to record, just that the car is supposedly not manly according to certain societal standards. And that’s why this song sucks — it provokes a backlash among those who might actually agree with what many people say about the usefulness of cars like the Prius. Such also makes them less receptive to hearing that  it is possible to get 20-plus miles per gallon from a diesel-powered Dodge 2500 or Ford F-250. The Prius might work for the guy’s city lifestyle, and hey, if it does, more power to him. And does a real man actually give a damn about someone not thinking he’s a real man just because of what he drives?

And as for the drink thing — is Justin Moore really so insecure about his sexuality that he’s going to say that a real man doesn’t drink something with an umbrella in the glass? I figured a real man would drink whatever the hell he wanted. Unlike the issue with the Prius and the truck, though,I actually have personal experience of sorts with this. Back in the early 2000s when I was spending every weekend I could manage down at Crystal Beach, I was drinking a lot of Smirnoff Ice and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. I mentioned this to a guy I worked with (coincidentally, this was the same guy who recommended I buy Master of Puppets), and he said something to the effect of, “Aw, man, you drink that pussy beer?” Other friends of mine alternately called them “bitch beers” and “bitch drinks,” and I never quite understood why. Those flavored drinks will get you just as drunk as beer will — probably even faster, considering they taste like, say, Kool-Aid.

And the same goes for food. A real man is going to eat whatever the hell he likes to eat without regard to what anyone thinks. Do I eat sushi? You bet your ass I do. When it’s made right, it’s absolutely divine. It might not be a good medium-rare prime rib, but it damn sure stands on its own merits.

You might be noticing a common thread here — a real man does what he wants and doesn’t consult some bullshit list of criteria. Such is probably a bit too, shall we say, nuanced for the likes of Justin Moore to grasp.



3 Responses to “How prophetic.”

  1. Peter Says:

    I don’t usually jump in on your country music musings because I don’t listen to it very often. And I’ve never heard of this guy or his song. But I just feel the need to say to you, Dude, it’s just a song. Anyway, using your logic, he could say the same to you about your musings on country music. Just a thought. Not trying to start anything here. haha

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Anyway, using your logic, he could say the same to you about your musings on country music.

      Well, sure, but if he thinks I am less of a man because I like sushi and I think his reliance on largely skewed societal standards for what makes a man are bullshit, that says a lot more about him than it does about me.

      And it might be just a song…but it was just a t-shirt in the previous post, too.

  2. AeroDillo Says:

    Again, I’m tempted to fall back on formula.

    Pigshit + Beer =/= superiority.

    That said, from the tone and bearing of country music (and its artists) of late, it can be a moderately safe bet that Pigshit + Beer is sometimes but not always equivalent to country music.

    Somebody with a better grasp of mathematical principles could probably shake out a half decent algebraic proof here, but since I’m lousy with numbers I’ll spare you all the horror of watching me make the attempt.

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