Not-so-random Tuesday musings…

…brought to you by a sight from a couple of days ago…

Attention anonymous big-box store patron: The fact that you let your middle school-age kid wear a t-shirt that says “If You Ain’t A Cowboys Fan, You Ain’t Shit” speaks volumes about you as a parent, and none of it is good, on any level.

For one thing, there’s the whole time-and-place-for-everything issue. There’s a place for that sort of sentiment, and it’s at a friend’s house drinking beer and watching the game, not out in public among those of us with more dignity. You know what your actions say about you? They say you’re one of those parents, the parent who wants to be your kid’s friend instead of, you know, her parent.

And of course there’s the whole tribal mentality fostered by such. Tribal mentalities aren’t altogether bad, just for an example, I think it’s good to be proud of where you’re from, and to defend your homeland when people make unwarranted slurs about it. But something so ephemeral as a sports team? A sports team that isn’t even in your hometown? I suppose the fact that the Cowboys hold training camp here at the Alamodome might have a good bit to do with that, but what would you and your ilk do if they picked up and moved the camp to California? Issue death threats against Jerry Jones, as Cleveland Browns fans did against Art Modell when he moved the old Browns to Baltimore? I suppose it could be worse here — they could be shooting people and beating them to death as has been done elsewhere — but that sort of thing is ultimately what that mentality could lead to, and it just seems so, so stupid.



8 Responses to “Not-so-random Tuesday musings…”

  1. North Says:

    “If You Ain’t A Cowboys Fan, You Ain’t Shit”

    If you are not a Cowboys Fan, you are not shit.

    Got it, thanks.


  2. southtexaspistolero Says:


    For the record, North: The Gun Blog Blacklist graphic will be going up here shortly! I am working on more blog as we speak…

  3. North Says:

    Excellent! (Said in evil Mr Burns voice)

  4. peter Says:

    I don’t understand the people who let their children wear that kind of thing. Who knows? People are strange.
    When I was in the Air Force, my job was referred to as Ammo. And our slogan was “If you aint Ammo you aint shit.”
    And another thing. Why is aint written as a contraction? “n’t” represents not, but “Ai” isn’t a word.

  5. AeroDillo Says:

    Yeah? Well if you ain’t a ‘dillo, you ain’t roadkill.

    Smoke that one, sportsfans.

  6. mick Says:

    there’s the whole tribal mentality fostered by such

    I was reading this long post on tribalism and part of why we tend toward it. It describes an experiment run in the 50s where two groups of Boy Scouts were sent into the woods for some rustic living. They very quickly developed tribal identities and habits, and got pretty violent when the two tribes discovered each other. It goes on to explain how easy it is for all of us to generalize and stereotype other “tribes” without fully realizing it.

  7. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Interesting reading there, mick, thanks for that! And no, I am not anywhere near done reading. Lol

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