Part of an ongoing Facebook series…

Me: Oh, and guess who else gets kicked off the radio in my kingdom? Journey. Its replacement? Queensryche. And not just the stuff off Mindcrime & Empire either. (This status brought to you by “Open Arms.” *shudder*)

Sorry, V. But T had nothing to do with it, I swear! (V and T are friends of mine back in East Texas. V is a huge Journey fan. He liked to torment me with it. — ed.)


Me: It’s a frakking EVIL little earworm, dude, I swear!

Sabra: My ex LOVED that song…

Me: Yeesh. Somehow I am not surprised, considering the show tunes, but still…Ew.

K, a high school friend of mine: As long as you ban tunes from the latest Queensryche album, that’ll work.

Mom: Now Erik,,, “Send Her My Love”. That is a good one….

Me: LOL K. I’ve heard that one’s a real trainwreck! I’d probably scrap everything after Empire, save for a couple of tunes from Promised Land.

And “Send Her My Love” is a slightly less evil earworm, granted…

Ambulance Driver: When the lights go down, in the citaayyyy,

And the sun shines on the baaaaayyaaayyyy,
Whoa I wanna be theeeeeeere, in my citaaaayyyy…

[this earworm brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Ambulance Driver]

And don’t knock Open Arms, dude. Do you realize how many times I got *laid* to Open Arms? It ranks right on up there with “More Than Words” by Extreme for 80’s Girl Chastity Kryptonite.

Me: LMAO. That whole sensitive-guy-listening-to-sensitive-music thing never worked for me, AD. Do you know what I was jamming to when Sabra came along? Metallica, Megadeth, Queensryche and Iron Maiden. Pretty much the 1980s’ polar opposite of Journey. 😉 Steve Perry and the boys would have just run her off, even if she wasn’t into the heavy metal like I was. LOLOL

Ambulance Driver: LOL, in the 80’s, I was wearing Polo shirts in a bewildering array of pastel colors, shaker knit sweaters tied over my shoulders, Levi’s suspender jeans (with suspenders artfully drooping about my waist), and Sperry Topsiders with no socks.

So yeah, the sensitive guy angle worked for me.

And my favorite music in the 1980’s? Hall and Oates.

But I could convincingly play metal head if I had to back then. Provided, of course, it had a good chance of getting me laid. 😉

Sabra: Erik, your idea of sensitive music was “Carrying Your Love With Me”…

Theredneckengineer: This status is so full of win it’s in danger of overloading and shutting down the Internet.

I won’t blow my own horn by saying that, but it was fun. 😉



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