Snippets from this morning…

Driving down Carolina Street towards IH-37…

Me, seeing a rental company and number on a house: “I think that pink house is for rent.”

Sabra: “I think they rent moon bounces…Newspaper?”

Me, as I quickly turn into the gas station there at the corner of Carolina and 37: “Oh yeah!”

Sabra: “You completely forgot about the paper, didn’t you?”

Me, after a moment’s thought: “Yeah. I was thinking of how fun it’d be to live in a moon bounce.”

Sabra: “HAHAHAHA!”

And later, coming back by that same gas station, as I hear a dude in a Ford Ranger revving his engine…

Me: “Aw, you go, dude! Rev up that four-cylinder!”

Sabra: “Oh, now that’s cold! I’m impressed!”

Me: “All 2.3 liters of it!”

And a bit further down the road:

“Sabra: “Fuck a duck…”

Me: “I dunno, can you imagine what kinds of sounds it’d make?”

Both of us: “Quack, quack, quaaaaack…”

And right before we make the turn onto our street:

Me: “You know, chorizo and egg (together) was another thing you introduced me to. I’d never had it before you.”

Sabra: “Really?”

Me: “Yep. Chalk up another thing for the ‘I’m so WHITE!’ category…”

Sabra: “HAHA! Yeah, no shit!”


One Response to “Snippets from this morning…”

  1. mattexian Says:

    No shame in being that white, just shut up about it and don’t open your mouth except to shove some food in that they’ve slid in front of you.

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