More translation…

…this time of the mainstream media:

It’s been downhill since the day he announced his White House candidacy. His official presidential coming-out tour was riddled with mistakes, and he’s faced campaign staff turnover. With some moderate views, he has struggled to gain traction with a GOP primary electorate pushed to the right by the tea party. And he’s lost ground in some national polls, eclipsed by Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann.

Now Huntsman’s trying to turn it all around — by painting his opponents as extreme.

“Jon Huntsman apparently thought it was going to be smooth sailing to the GOP presidential nomination. However, with his liberal views on several issues and his total misreading of at least the GOP base and perhaps the electorate in general (in light of the Republicans’ huge wins in the midterm elections), his campaign is floundering. With that, Huntsman is embarking on a really puzzling strategy, what libertarian minarchists characterize pithily as ‘Do it again, only HARDER!’

“What is Huntsman doing? Instead of taking the fight to the Democrats, he’s going to be taking the fight to — wait for it! —  his fellow Republicans. We caught a glimpse of it a couple of weeks ago as Huntsman attacked Rick Perry for the latter’s comments on the Federal Reserve’s mishandling of the money supply and the politically-driven science relied upon by the global warmists. Apparently he’s going to be ramping this up, trying to make himself look like the ‘more reasonable’ candidate. It remains to be seen how this will work. Either way it makes Huntsman look as if he cares more about his own ambitions than the well-being of America, considering he’s not willing to entertain any serious solutions to the country’s fiscal and economic problems.”



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