They’d have found something regardless…

…but that doesn’t really change the truth of this letter:

You all must be delighted that Gov. Perry decided to run for president. Otherwise you would have to find about 20 percent more column inches of subject material each day to replace stories and commentaries faulting everything he’s ever done.

As has been noted in this space before, though, Texas journalists made savaging Perry their sport of choice during the most recent gubernatorial election. And of course they’ve found plenty to nitpick between the election and now. But now they get to run stories about milquetoast establishment candidates like Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney, with their oh-so-reeeeeaaasonable positions, being unable to gain any traction. I do wonder what they’d be running in that space if not for that…

Oh, wait! How about more Gunwalker stories? Nah, that’d be real news, and we can’t have that!



2 Responses to “They’d have found something regardless…”

  1. mattexian Says:

    Yeah, I was listening to some commentary show earlier, and the lib on the panel brought up the old news of “Perry worked on Al Gore’s campaign and was a Democrat!” I yelled at the Tv that Gore also was Pro-life back then, before abortion rights was one of THE platforms of the Democrats, and being Republican in Texas is a recent thing, since the Dems have veered away from the center of American politics.

  2. mick Says:

    John Cornyn is talking about gun walking, if that helps any.

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