Shorter Mike Bloomberg…

“It’s the guns’ fault, not the career criminals’!”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday blamed illegal handguns for a shooting that killed three people and wounded two police officers a few blocks from the route of the annual West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, saying federal officials have not had the “courage” to take steps to control gun use….

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the gunman who killed (Denise) Gay had an extensive criminal history, including criminal possession of a firearm and assault and drug charges.

And Michael Bloomberg thinks that’s just peachy, as evidenced by his blaming of the guns.



One Response to “Shorter Mike Bloomberg…”

  1. Les Says:

    Well, you would expect a career criminal to take up for other career criminals, it’s just not their fault. Bloomberg should be in federal prison for all the strawman purchases he had made. Are they legal because a mayor organized them as an expose? Same thing with Gunwalker.

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