Well, I could!

Background: Truck’s in the shop. I had gone to pick it up, but unfortunately it wasn’t ready yet.

Me: “I ended up talking guns with the dude behind the counter.”

Sabra: “I love you for that!”

Me: “Yeah, you know on the side of the building facing FM 78 they have a sign that mentions that they finance. I asked the dude and he said, ‘Yeah, but you gotta pay half up front, $100 a week and we keep the car. That gets a lot of people.’

“I told him, ‘You oughta have some repo men. I could be a repo man. I have guns.”

Sabra, laughing: “Eeeeerik!”

Weeeeell, I could! LOL…



One Response to “Well, I could!”

  1. AuricTech Says:

    Here’s a little Iggy Pop for this thread….

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