People aren’t too smart.

So they asked what fans’ favorite songs on the new George Strait album were and some people are responding with songs from albums that were recorded 25 years ago. Do people just not pay attention?

And then there was this whopper of a comment:

“Dont (sic) really care for the message that the song is saying! Too many nasty songs out their (sic) talking about casual sex! Thought country music still had some class! Guess not! You disappointed me George!”

God only knows what she was talking about, but I’m betting she probably never heard that much George Strait (or that much country music in general), considering the songs that Strait has recorded over the years. “Honky Tonk Down Stairs,” “Steal of the Night,” “Haven’t You Heard,” and there are quite a few more.

For the record, my favorite from the new album is “A Showman’s Life,” followed closely by “Shame On Me,” “Lone Star Blues,” “Poison,” “Drinkin’ Man” and “I’ll Always Remember You.” (And “House Across the Bay” is definitely gaining steam.) Seriously, folks, this is the man’s best album in at least five years. I’d rank it No. 2 behind It Just Comes Natural on the list of Strait’s releases in the new millennium, and definitely one of his ten best overall. Go buy it. You’ll be glad you did.



4 Responses to “People aren’t too smart.”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    Casual sex? Did she not notice “One Night at a Time”?

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    LMAO. To add insult to injury, that song was one of only three singles in Strait’s entire career to spend five weeks at No.1 on the Billboard country singles chart.

  3. Crotalus Says:

    Don’t know about George Strait, but my favorite song short of “How Great Thou Art” was penned by Stan Jones. Yes, that would be “Ghost Riders in the Sky”. BTW, Roy Clark does a fierce instrumental version.

  4. southtexaspistolero Says:

    I’ve heard that instrumental, Crotalus, and you’re right.

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