And as we all know, if anybody knows stupid…

…it’s Bill Maher:

Bill Maher had little good to say about Rick Perry during his visit last night to The Tonight Show. Appearing on Jay Leno’s program ostensibly to promote the new season of his HBO series Real Time…, the commedian/author/muckraker/quipster spent the entirety of two show segments flinging zingers at presidential candidates, at one point calling Perry “stupid.”

That really is quite a compliment, considering the source. If a hateful slimeball like Bill Maher calls you stupid, you have officially arrived on the scene.

Is Perry stupid? Yep. Stupid like a fox.



2 Responses to “And as we all know, if anybody knows stupid…”

  1. Crotalus Says:

    Perry is not stupid. In fact, he’s by far the best Republican running. The stupid one here is Bill Maher. He’s somewhere left of Stalin, and not anywhere near funny.

  2. Mike W. Says:

    As if anyone outside of the hollywood elite and far left give two shits about anything that comes out of Bill Maher’s piehole….

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