Operation: Thoughtcrime, maybe…

So pretty much everybody’s had their say on this. Such evoked some Operation: Mindcrime for That Guy. I thought of another Queensryche song that’d also be quite apt:

Uniform printout reads end of line. Protect code intact leaves little time.

Erratic surveys, freethinking not allowed. My hands shake, my pushbuttons silence the outside crowd.

One-world government has outlawed war among nations. Now social control requires population termination.

Have we come too far to turn around?



6 Responses to “Operation: Thoughtcrime, maybe…”

  1. Albatross Says:

    OK! This weekend. I promise.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    LOL. You’re in for a real treat, Albatross. And that song DID honestly come to mind there. 😉 Thoughts on the song?

  3. Albatross Says:

    OK. Got it. Just need a little time to soak it in, but the first two songs are pretty awesome after just the first listen!

    Point: When I was downloading the album, I did a little reading on it on the font of all knowledge, Wikipedia. The article there said that “NM 156” was originally supposed to be the opening song and that “Warning” was supposed to be the penultimate track, and that the band members were pissed when they found out the record company had changed the order of the songs. So, when I burned the disk, I put the songs in the band-preferred order.

    Sounds good, so far. Of course, I’m already familiar with “Take Hold of the Flame” and “Warning”, but the first two songs on the album sound pretty great, and I have a feeling I might be playing this one a few more times. Over and over.

  4. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Yep, I read that as well. I have no idea why they did that; I suppose they wanted the album to lead off with the title track.

    I’ve said it before, but The Warning is my favorite Queensryche album. No disrespect to Mindcrime, but between Geoff Tate’s vocals and those DeGarmo-Wilton guitar lines, it’s just damn near perfect. My personal favorites are the title track, “Take Hold of the Flame,” “Deliverance,” “No Sanctuary” and “NM 156.”

    Did you download the bonus cuts that came with the remaster? I also liked the live cut of “Take Hold of the Flame” recorded on the Building Empires tour.

  5. Albatross Says:

    Yes, I got the live cuts, too. Haven’t listened to them yet (I do most of my listening on my commute), but I’m looking forward to it.

  6. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Yeah, that album kept me good company now and then on those long drives between the Golden Triangle and San Antonio before I moved here. I look forward to your review.

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