There they go again…

…the old reliably anti-liberty Washington Post, that is.

Sorry, but I don’t think states should get to choose the level at which they want to respect what is perhaps the most fundamental right of them all. And I’d be interested to see which misdemeanors disqualify one for a carry permit in New York. I would wager that absolutely none of them rise to the level of making the misdemeanant a danger to society.

And why should I or anyone else give a damn about what the police organizations think?¬†I’m sure their jobs would be made much easier and safer by any number of laws that violate the Fourth and Fifth Amendments as well, but does that make those laws worthy of support? Of course not. Why should it be any different for the Second Amendment?



3 Responses to “There they go again…”

  1. Crotalus Says:

    The Fourth and Fifth Amendments are already gone. The Indiana Supremacy Court said so.

    All of which should make the Washington Pestilence very happy.

  2. Les Says:

    The International Association of Chiefs of Police has always been anti-Second Amendment as far back as I can remember. I have always despised them. They have little to do with with the average American police officer. Consider how much a KGB or Chicom or British or Mass. chief of police is going to value the Second Amendment. There are all kinds of police organizations very pro-Second Amendment (hey, the police live here too), but you won’t hear them quoted. As far as New York Permits are concerned, I’ll bet you have to be a New York Mayor or somebody similar to get one.

  3. mick Says:

    I guess you’ve formed your opinion on the NRTCRA…

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