The last acceptable people to denigrate?


It’s amazing that in this era of political correctness Leonard Pitts can still single out a minority group (the tea party — ed.) and make broad statements about that group based on the actions of a few.

I don’t know if I’d call that amazing, though. I’ve read before that white males are the lone group — or at least one of very, very few groups — of people whom it’s acceptable to denigrate and stereotype. And based on what Leonard Pitts and his ilk are saying about the Tea Party, it’s the truth. It’s akin to, and every bit as ugly as, saying that *insert ethnic group here* are reliable Democrat voters because they’re afraid of losing their welfare check. And if we were the country Martin Luther King Jr. wanted us to be, Pitts and his ilk would be mopping the floors at Walmart on the graveyard shift for the things they’ve said.



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