I might…no, I do beg to differ…


Chicago is better than that.

No it isn’t. From rogue cops torturing confessions out of crime suspects and beating the shit out of bartenders — and other cops apparently threatening the bartenders if they filed charges — to TV reporters following people home from the gun stores and the mayor threatening to shove a bayonet up a reporter’s ass, Chicago has shown itself to be a bona fide shithole, worthy of nothing but contempt. I think of what someone said on this thread at The High Road (in which the TV reporter’s deed was discussed) a few years back:

“Chicago is a third world cesspool as much as Havana, Ho Chi Ming City, Hanoi, Johannesburg, or any other big city in a third world socialist workers paradise is. They all have their good areas that they trot out in front of the cameras. But underneath they are nothing more then human cesspools where corrupt politicians keep the masses in line with buy off programs and heavy handed policing.”

“If the radical Islamics just have to nuke an American city I nominate Chicago. It’s probably the one big American city that it’s loss would have no impact on our way of life except to improve freedom in the rest of Illinois and relieve the massive drain of tax money from the rest of the country that pays for the Daley machine to keep buying it’s time in office from the voters there.

“There is nothing in Chicago that couldn’t be done better somewhere else. There is nothing to lose there and no reason to go there. Chicago lost its status as America’s Second City decades ago. We would all be better off if it didn’t exist.”



One Response to “I might…no, I do beg to differ…”

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